Citizen Science

Murray Cod Monitoring

A never before seen look at Australia’s largest freshwater fish. Our CodPods are the result of collaboration with some of Australia’s leading research technology teams and aquatic biologists. Giving you a unique perspective of Murray cod, beneath the surface.

Tuna Tagging

Where do they come from? Where do they go? Southern Bluefin Tuna make their seasonal migration from the warm waters of indonesia all the way down the west coast of Australia into South Australia. Since 2012, their migration patterns has changed leaving many scratching their heads. RecFish SA is partnering with the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association to deploy over 5,000 tags so that we may discover what has changed and why.


EOI: Mulloway Movements

The Coorong provides a crucial breeding ground and nursery for mulloway but just how important is it? How far are mulloway coming from to breed here? Using microPATs (pop-up satellite tags) we aim to map the interconnectivity of this cross-jurisdictional ghost. 

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