Andrew Harris


Andrew Harris is a very keen and passionate recreational salt and fresh-water fisherman. 

Andrew has grown up around recreational fishing and boating from a very young age with his father and grandfather, fishing the lakes of Jindabyne with a fly rod, to the offshore depths of South Australia and beyond.   

As a boat owner for many years (a few of them!), fishing with friends and family is what he loves doing – seeing them catch fish, particularly challenging fish for the first time is better than dong it yourself!  


Working within the industry and having spent time with the wider fishing community, Andrew is very well connected and respected within the fishing tackle and boating sector. He has a strong understanding of the industry and the impacts of both commercial and recreational fishing. 

Recognising a need for improved representation, communication, and subsequent change in line with other leading states across Australia, Andrew believes the preservation of sustainable fishing through SA is crucial, as are improvements to infrastructure like boat ramps and facilities.Andrew is keen to represent the recreational fishing community to support improved practices and infrastructure.  

To him this means giving a voice to the thoughts, problems, and ideas heard at the ramp, on the deck and around the BBQ.  

The time for change is now!  

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