The Board of Directors of RecFish SA is committed to ensuring good corporate governance and enhancing the interests of all of the recreational fishers in SA, and our members. All directors agree to abide by the RecFish SA Directors Role and Responsibilities Protocol. The framework and principles of this document are guided by the Institute of Community Directors Australia Policy Bank.


For more info about the current Board of Directors, click here


The RecFish SA Board/ Sub-committee periodically reviews its governance systems with the aim of ensuring that RecFish SA continues its commitment to good governance principles.


The RecFish SA Board of Directors is responsible for having in place a strategy to guide the organisation. You can access the RecFish SA Strategy here:


RecFish SA Strategy 2016-17


The RecFish SA Constitution was updated in March 2015. You can access it here:


RecFishSA Constitution


The 2022 Board nomination form can be found here – 2022-RecFish-SA-Board-Nomination-Form

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