RecFish SA Board

Asher Dezsery

Asher Dezsery

Executive Officer

Asher has a keen interest in all things fishing related, coming from a diverse background of recreational and professional fishing, diving, lobster research and aquaculture.

After spending a large portion of time at sea working within the WA pearl farming sector and SA professional lobster fleet, Asher turned his interests towards native fish breeding, stocking and aquaculture; enjoying commercial barramundi grow out and cod husbandry specifically.

Having experience in the conservation industry, Asher diversified his keen environmental interests to managing land care projects within South Australia on a large scale, specialising in managing important ecosystems and degraded landscapes within an NGO.

Writing occasionally for fishing magazines in the past, involvement within the wholesale tackle space and contributing within various state boat shows, Asher has a keen knowledge base he is always prepared to enthusiastically pass on to assist others in achieving the most with their time in and around the water.

Recreationally, SCUBA diving for lobster, mulloway fishing and top water cod fishing takes up much of his interest, with a large portion of time spent within the SE of the state.

Now operating as the Recfish SA Executive Officer, Asher looks forward to assisting with promoting and leading a range of important state fishing projects and commitments, in order to best represent the recreational fishing space through supporting Recfish SA operations.

Andrew Harris - Metro and Fleurieu

Andrew Harris - Metro and Fleurieu


Andrew Harris is a very keen and passionate recreational salt and fresh-water fisherman. 

Andrew has grown up around recreational fishing and boating from a very young age with his father and grandfather, fishing the lakes of Jindabyne with a fly rod, to the offshore depths of South Australia and beyond.   

As a boat owner for many years (a few of them!), fishing with friends and family is what he loves doing – seeing them catch fish, particularly challenging fish for the first time is better than dong it yourself!  

Working within the industry and having spent time with the wider fishing community, Andrew is very well connected and respected within the fishing tackle and boating sector. He has a strong understanding of the industry and the impacts of both commercial and recreational fishing. 

 Recognising a need for improved representation, communication, and subsequent change in line with other leading states across Australia, Andrew believes the preservation of sustainable fishing through SA is crucial, as are improvements to infrastructure like boat ramps and facilities.Andrew is keen to represent the recreational fishing community to support improved practices and infrastructure.  

To him this means giving a voice to the thoughts, problems, and ideas heard at the ramp, on the deck and around the BBQ.  

The time for change is now!  

Barry Brown -  Fleurieu, Coorong and South Coast

Barry Brown - Fleurieu, Coorong and South Coast

Deputy Chairperson

Barry started fishing many years ago with a trip to Waitpinga. He caught a large salmon there on a very small rod with a rusty lure, and was hooked on fishing! Barry has a broad knowledge of surf fishing all over South Australia, having spent considerable time fishing the Coorong beach, the Southeast, Yorke Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, Fowlers Bay and beyond. He also has considerable experience with boat fishing for whiting, snapper and tuna in various locations.

A passion for fishing and the importance of the recreational sector has led to Barry being involved in a number of recreational fishing bodies. He was chairman of the Fleurieu Peninsula Rec. Fishing Committee (FPRFC), a board member of SA Rec Fishing Advisory Council and the rec fishing member of the Southern Zone Rock Lobster Committee. As chair of FPRFC, he played a significant role in the approval for a new fishing jetty at Rapid Bay.


Currently, Barry is a volunteer for Fishcare , is  a member of Victor Harbor Goolwa Sea Rescue Squadron, and is looking forward to working with the other board members of RecFish SA to improve recreational fishing outcomes in SA. He believes RecFish SA is the peak body for recreational fishing in SA and can assist all SA fishers to ensure equitable access to fishing stocks and have confidence that our sector is being protected and enhanced

Kristin Goodchild -  Metro and Yorke Pensinsula

Kristin Goodchild - Metro and Yorke Pensinsula


Kristin is a keen recreational fisherwoman, preferring the salt water over fresh, however will never say no to a fishing trip.

Fishing played a key role from a young age, growing up on a farm in the Barossa Valley with many dams full of fish and Yabbies, as well as spending time with her grandpa who was a professional fisherman on the Murray River. Her love for ocean fishing comes from the many holidays spent with her family at their beach house on the Yorke Peninsula spent on the water chasing snapper, whiting, garfish, squid, and tuna, and when she was old enough scuba diving for crayfish.

Often described as ‘the outdoorsy type’, she has built an online profile encouraging people to get out and responsibly enjoy the great outdoors, from fishing to four-wheel driving, she shares her adventures and learnings along the way. She is passionate about fishing and has a long list of target species on her fishing bucket list, often travelling all over the country to tick them off.

Fishing offers both social and mental health benefits, from the dopamine hit of catching your first fish, to the bonding experience often shared when enjoying flicking rods, Kristin advocates to increase the recreational fishing population in South Australia, so more people can enjoy the immeasurable rewards of the sport.

With a strong background in Sales and Management, she hopes to help drive positive change within the Recreational Fishing space in South Australia, to more closely algin with other leading states, to improve infrastructure, and to give a louder voice to government on behalf of recreational fishers.

Alan Hall -  Upper Spencer Gulf and West Coast

Alan Hall - Upper Spencer Gulf and West Coast


Now a retired Mechanical Engineering lecturer from Tafe SA started fishing at a very young age and has maintained an interest in fishing for over 60 years.

A foundation member of the Whyalla Sportfishing and ‘Steelcity Sportfishing clubs both still active in Whyalla Today. Foundation member of the Whyalla Sea Rescue Squadron.

Past President of The Australian National Sportfishing Association (South Australia Division) A position held for 13 years. Still sit on the committee.

Sat on the Marine Sport Association at Whyalla for many years and achieved a marina and boat ramp for Whyalla

Represented Whyalla during the Marine Parks process and successfully maintained landbased fishing in a not take zone within a marine park

Has represented Upper Spencer Gulf at RecFish SA for many years working with Crown Lands Department to maintain access to fishing locations south of Cowell and at Point Lowly near Whyalla

Worked with Whyalla Council to obtain a recreational fishing grant for the installation of lighting along the break walls at The Point Lowly Marina

Campaigned for 5 years eventually gaining no charge boat launching at the Whyalla Boat ramp

Made representation to RecFish SA who in turn made representation to the SA government obtaining a grant towards construction of Whyalla’ s now famous jetty

During his spare time worked as a charter boat skipper for K&R Charters for 15 years and did a short stint as a commercial fisherman relieving an acquaintance who became ill

Alan comes onto the board of RecFish SA hoping to achieve a united voice for recreational fishers of South Australia.

Thomas Tyczenko -  Metro and Yorke Pensinsula

Thomas Tyczenko - Metro and Yorke Pensinsula


Thomas displays an incredible passion for fishing and all things concerning the marine environment. Summer for Thomas habitually consisted of a ride down after school to the Torrens River with rod snuck into class, and the occasional trip down to the lower reaches of the Yorke Peninsula. However, with a newfound independence of a drivers’ license, his determination, and immense dedication to fulfill his love of mulloway fishing arose. You will frequently find Thomas sitting in a state of quiescence amongst the moonlight, waiting ever so patiently for that fish of one-thousand casts to swim past his gutter.

Once introduced to the fishing tackle industry of Adelaide, Thomas was quickly humbled by the incredible knowledge displayed by colleagues’ of Sportfishing Scene, where he has gratefully remained employed for the past six years. The fishing tackle industry provides an indispensable opportunity to, first-hand, truly understand the wishes, paired with the potential improvements of honest, recreational fishers within South Australia.

Thomas is currently upon completion with a background of a degree in Science (Marine Biology) within Flinders University, providing invaluable experience within this field of research, from a scientific perspective. The understanding of spawning cycles, mortality, species interaction and the movement of organisms within a specific environment, all display contributions to further improving the conditioning and management of stock of marine organisms respectively. A biological background proposes an additional perspective on specific matters concerning the aquatic environment, while providing invaluable information on a counterintuitive solution.

RecFish SA has been consistently enthusiastic and encouraging concerning the support and beneficial outcomes of recreational fishers state-wide. Thomas anticipates a drastic growth in achievements accomplished by RecFish SA within the years to come, aiming to contribute to the further development of opportunities for South Australian Fishers over this period in time.

Shane Hodgens -  Lower Eyre Peninsula and West Coast

Shane Hodgens - Lower Eyre Peninsula and West Coast


Shane Hodgens has been a keen fisherman from a young age where every weekend was fishing the Jetties at Adelaide. Shane has an extensive knowledge of saltwater fishing in South Australia having fished for many years in Adelaide, Yorke Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula where he now resides.

Shane has a passion for sustainable fishing practices, fish and environment restoration and plastic reduction from our water ways. Shane hopes that someday soon better management practices come into force so South Australia’s iconic fish species are in good numbers for all to enjoy to catch into the future.

This passion has seen Shane open his own Fishing Tackle shop where he greatly enjoys mixing with other fishers from around the state and also around country and talking all this fishing and how to fix our fishing problems.

When not working Shane can be found fishing the beaches of the West Coast or around some of the pristine offshore Islands of the West Coast.

Laura Schroder - Coorong and South Coast

Laura Schroder - Coorong and South Coast


Laura’s passion for fishing grew from a young age spending summer holidays on Yorke peninsula beaches where she enjoyed fishing with her family, catching yellowfin whiting from shore, crabbing and scuba diving.

In recent times she still spends many weekends heading out on her local waters in the south east from Kingston catching whiting and crays, or exploring other great SA fishing destinations from the Murray River to Coorong.

Laura’s continued interest in the environment including marine and coastal ecosystems saw her pursue a science degree specialising in biodiversity and conservation, and now further studies undertaking her PhD project on the Coorong.

As a keen recreational fisherwoman, Laura joins the Recfish board to help contribute to upcoming projects in the community.

Laura also aspires to be a role model for other young women and kids, encouraging them to be involved in fishing activities and research such as citizen science projects.

Lucas Weaver -  Riverland, Freshwater and Reservoirs

Lucas Weaver - Riverland, Freshwater and Reservoirs


Lucas has been fishing since the age of 12 when he was first introduced to fishing the Murray River while holidaying at his Dad’s house In Murray bridge. His first ever fish caught was a Callop on a shrimp bait and the addiction snowballed from there. Lure fishing for natives was in its infancy at the time and was something that caught his attention. As luck would have it, a solid callop was his first lure caught fish.

Fast forward a few years and Lucas found himself living in Murray Bridge with the river becoming a way of life with no intentions of moving back to the city.

A freshwater and big cod specialist, Lucas has had numerous articles printed in various magazines over the years on different aspects of freshwater craft. He currently writes the Murray River column for Fishing SA magazine.

As a founding member of the ‘Lower Murray Lure Fishing Club’, Lucas has contributed in various roles from secretary, Vice president and then President- Guiding the club and building it to where it is today.

In 2018 Lucas was lucky enough to become its first life member after serving 7 years on the executive committee.

Catch and release of our native species is a top priority and has become known as an important pillar for sustainability of the river fishing community. With his easy to talk to personality, Lucas is always happy to help and advise anyone that is keen to listen, learn and respect the waterways.

Lucas is a keen participant in citizen science, tagging fish for SAFTAG for close to 20 years.

Lucas has joined the Recfish board to be a steward for all things freshwater and reservoir in the state, creating a solid foundation other fisher people can rely on. Lucas looks forward to continuing towards making freshwater fishing a key priority for South Australia.

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