POLICY No. 16, JULY 2004

This policy is formulated in accordance with the general rules and principles of the Commonwealth of Australia Privacy Act No. 119 of 1988 as amended (Privacy Act), and any other Commonwealth, State and Territory Statute laws and International Covenants, Conventions and Treaties as applicable. This policy is reviewed annually and may be modified from time to time.


The South Australian Recreational Fishing Advisory Council (RecFish SA), is an incorporated organisation recognised as the peak independent body prescribed in South Australian Fishery Regulations (1995), representing the interest of recreational anglers. RecFish SA provides input into a range of committees, working groups and other relevant established government bodies convened to address management objectives of the Fisheries Act 1982 as amended. It is the mission of RecFish SA to develop partnerships sharing information and resources tailored to individual needs. RecFish SA seeks to protect individual’s privacy in accordance with the Commonwealth of Australia Privacy Act. RecFish SA does not trade information, except in the normal course of business and custom with individuals and government as the prescribed body. Such information is usually of a technical, scientific and political nature relation to fishery and environmental management. The privacy practices of this policy apply to our services under the domain of This policy may not generally apply to information collected by RecFish SA through any other means in the course of our business operations.


RecFish SA maintains a register of its membership in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act of 1985. A public register is also maintained and may contain members’ addresses and contact points such as e-mail, telephone etc.; however the public register usually only refers contact points of RecFish SA. The office register contains all contact details that are not disclosed except as required by the law , between members and or with the permission of individual members.


RecFish SA supports Article 32 of the CONVENTION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD, Australian Treaty Series 1991 No. 41 (New York, November 20, 1989), which states A States parties recognise the right of the child to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the child’s education or be harmful to the child’s health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social developments. In South Australia a child is any person under 18 years of age (age of majority), and the compulsory school age is any person above 6 years, but under 16 years.


RecFish SA recognises the need to provide additional privacy protection for children, however personal information will be disclosed when in good faith such disclosures are required by law, contest, sweepstakes or game rules. contains a dedicated page for children and is intended for all persons and particularly children under the age of majority. Disclosure of personal information in this forum is only provided in conjunction and on the basis of parental consent and the individual child’s schools consent where a school is involved. Where personally identifying information is provided, such as photographs, name, street address, email address, phone numbers and other information, this will be used in accordance with the Privacy Act and also only with parental or guardian consent for persons under majority age. To personalise communications a child’s first name combined with the parent’s last name may be used but only with parental or guardian consent. We strongly recommend parental supervision of children when accessing websites.


RecFish SA does not share, sell or rent individual personal information for marketing purposes without permission or unless ordered by a court of law. Information supplied to RecFish SA is available to employees managing the information for purposes of managing the states fisheries and environment. RecFish SA may share information with its members, government and other carefully sleeked agencies where RecFish SA deems this to be of community benefit. Members of the public are advised that where information provided is not intended to be shared, then this must be conveyed in any communication.


RecFish SA does not use tracking mechanisms that collect personally identifying information. EMAIL Email sent to RecFish SA through the website or otherwise, is not necessarily secure against interception. Where communication includes sensitive information we recommend contact by mail or telephone.


There are a number of separate services offered by links that are complimentary to the use of the RecFish SA website, most of which are government agencies. RecFish SA takes all care, but no responsibility for other websites provided through links on the RecFish SA website.

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