Recreational fishers unite for a NET-FREE GSV

Creating a net-free Gulf of St Vincent will create better fishing, allow fish stocks to recover and support regional towns. Sign the petition

Making SA a Great Place to Fish Again

Making South Australia a Great Place to Fish Again; presents a series of strategic initiatives that we believe will improve the quality of fishing for the 277,000 South Australians that fish every year and the many thousands of visitors that come to our great state to dangle a line. Find out more

Sustainable Fishing TV

RecFish SA Sustainable Fishing Videos

Learn about using circle hooks, ikijime, release weights and more

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Reservoir Fishing

SA Reservoir Fishing

Purchase a permit allowing you to fish in open SA reservoirs.

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Fishing Locations Map

SA Fishing Map

Explore the vast range of great fishing spots in SA.

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What we do

RecFish SA is the recognised peak body for recreational fishing in South Australia. It is our role to advise government on recreational fishing issues and to advocate on behalf of the 277,000 South Australians who enjoy fishing each year. We also manage reservoir fishing in SA and undertake a range of projects like fish stocking and fishing clinics, to benefit recreational fishers.

RecFish SA’s membership is made up of individuals and organisations, including fishing clubs and associations, regional Recreational Fisheries Committees, coastal progress associations, and recreational fishing related businesses. You can become a member for free!

More About Us

RecFish SA’s partnership with TeamKids

RecFish SA are pleased to celebrate the 2016/17 Snapper season with the announcement of our exciting partnership with TeamKids.

TeamKids and RecFish SA are proud to be working together, and have united with the common goal of creating awareness and raising funds for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  TeamKids is the fundraising platform for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation. Click to find out more!


RecFishSA maintains a dynamic, active presence on social media. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and make a contribution. We're your best advocate so let us know your ideas and issues.


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