RecFish SA have heard the calls from recreational fishers around the state, of the need for a simplified process to join SAFTAG’s fish tagging program. We are now proud to announce that we have opened up a brand new membership option that will achieve this – the RecFish SA Citizen Science Membership. 

What’s included? This membership has all the bells and whistles:

  • Full financial membership to RecFish SA 
  • Full financial membership to ANSA – SA
  • Urgent recreational fishing updates
  • Input through member surveys/submissions
  • Eligibility in the SAFTAG fish tagging program
  • Nominate and vote for the Board.
  • Free entry to member nights or special events
  • Member exclusive competitions and prizes
  • Take part in the RecFish SA Citizen Science Program

How much will it cost? 

This membership will be $45/year, with a once off payment of $80 to purchase your very own tagging kit direct from SAFTAG. 

How do I join?

To join as a RecFish SA Citizen Science Member, simply head to, fill out the application form and submit your payment. Your application will then be processed by RecFish SA. 

How do I purchase my tagging kit?

Once you have filled out your membership application and paid the membership fee, you will be emailed a confirmation notice with information on how to purchase your tagging kit. 

How much are extra tags when I run out?

Tag refills are absolutely FREE! Simple contact SAFTAG when you are ready to resupply. 

Is there anything else I need to know? 

As fish tagging is a very delicate process, there a range of things you need to know to ensure the fish is being cared for and survival is maximised. We will also be adding a ‘Citizen Science Members Hub’ on our website for information on all things citizen science and fish tagging, including ‘how to’ videos, how to order more tags, how to submit your tagging records and more. 

NOTE – This will not effect existing SAFTAG taggers or clubs. The preferred method to get involved in tagging is to join an ANSA – SA affiliated club. We understand that not every angler has access to a club in their area, or simply may not wish to join a fishing club; this membership broadens the opportunities for anglers to get involved in citizen science projects such as fish tagging. To find out if there are any fishing clubs in your area, head to

Find out more about ANSA SA –

Find out more about SAFTAG –

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