South Australia Recreational Fishing Regulations

Get up to date with the current regulations for recreational fishing in SA

In South Australia, size, bag and boat limits, as well as car boot and possession limits apply to many popular fish species. There are also a number of closed areas, seasonal and spawning closures that recreational fishers need to be aware of.

To ensure a bright and sustainable recreational fishing future, it is important that all recreational fishers are up to date with the current rules and regulations.

PIRSA Fisheries are responsible for managing recreational fishing in SA.  You can access all of the up to date fishing rules here:

Recreational fishers are not required to have a licence for general fishing in South Australia. Howevver, permits and registrations are required for a number of fisheries including:

In addition to the above PIRSA regulations, recreational fishers need to be aware of Marine Park Sanctuary Zones, where fishing is not permitted. These make up approximately 6% of South Australian waters. You can find out where these locations are at the SA Marine Parks Website.

To learn more about best practice recreational fishing visit the RecFish SA Sustainable Fishing page.

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