Thomas Tyczenko

Director - Metro & Yorke Peninsula

Thomas displays an incredible passion for fishing and all things concerning the marine environment. Summer for Thomas habitually consisted of a ride down after school to the Torrens River with rod snuck into class, and the occasional trip down to the lower reaches of the Yorke Peninsula. However, with a newfound independence of a drivers’ license, his determination, and immense dedication to fulfill his love of mulloway fishing arose. You will frequently find Thomas sitting in a state of quiescence amongst the moonlight, waiting ever so patiently for that fish of one-thousand casts to swim past his gutter.

Once introduced to the fishing tackle industry of Adelaide, Thomas was quickly humbled by the incredible knowledge displayed by colleagues’ of Sportfishing Scene, where he has gratefully remained employed for the past six years. The fishing tackle industry provides an indispensable opportunity to, first-hand, truly understand the wishes, paired with the potential improvements of honest, recreational fishers within South Australia.


Thomas is currently upon completion with a background of a degree in Science (Marine Biology) within Flinders University, providing invaluable experience within this field of research, from a scientific perspective. The understanding of spawning cycles, mortality, species interaction and the movement of organisms within a specific environment, all display contributions to further improving the conditioning and management of stock of marine organisms respectively. A biological background proposes an additional perspective on specific matters concerning the aquatic environment, while providing invaluable information on a counterintuitive solution.

RecFish SA has been consistently enthusiastic and encouraging concerning the support and beneficial outcomes of recreational fishers state-wide. Thomas anticipates a drastic growth in achievements accomplished by RecFish SA within the years to come, aiming to contribute to the further development of opportunities for South Australian Fishers over this period in time.

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