South Australian recreational fishers are set to have two new prime freshwater fishing destinations in the near future, with RecFish SA announcing that they have stocked 24,000 native fish into the Warren and Bundaleer Reservoirs.

Image-1In total, 8,000 Murray cod, 11,000 Golden perch and 3,800 Silver perch have been stocked into the two dams, with an additional 1,200 Silver perch being stocked into the Warren reservoir this morning. RecFish SA received grants through the South Australian Recreational Fishing Grants program to fund the stocking.

RecFish SA Executive Director for Communications, David Ciaravolo said that this is a historic development for the state’s recreational fishers. “South Australian fishers have been waiting a long time for this, the last time our reservoirs were stocked for recreational fishing was before World War Two”

“We know that there is a lot of unmet community demand for high quality freshwater fishing experiences in South Australia, so to be able to finally stock fish and build two brand new fisheries, is exciting news for fishers and is sure to bring additional benefits to nearby towns”

RecFish SA Director Ian Fitzgerald relasesing fish into the Bundaleer Reservoir

“In a recent RecFish SA survey of 500 keen reservoir fishers, Murray cod and Golden perch topped the list of fish species people wanted to see stocked into reservoirs, so we are thrilled to have been able to meet these aspirations” said Mr Ciaravolo.

While 22,800 of the fish were sourced from New South Wales and stocked as fingerlings, Mr Ciaravolo explains that the latest batch of Silver perch is a special case. “The Silver perch we are stocking today have been grown by aquaculture students at TAFE SA” he said.

“Its been a unique partnership and has resulted in the fish being given a head start by growing them to a larger size. This improves their chances of survival, while at the same time, allowing South Australian aquaculture students to develop their skills and facilities.

For RecFish SA Director Ian Fitzgerald, who began the push for recreational fishing in South Australian reservoirs 20 years ago, the recent developments are something of a dream come true. “We’ve been working towards this goal for a very long time, so to be able to announce the stocking today, is a truly momentous occasion” he said.

Permits to fish the Warren reservoir near Barossa Valley are available from RecFish SA via their web page and cost $33 per year for a standard permit.

The Bundaleer reservoir near Spalding, is expected to be opened to recreational fishing by the end of the 2016.

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