With all the recent buzz around the project to enhance Murray Cod populations in SA through stocking, greater focus has been brought to the need to restore river habitats. Enter Finterest:


Over half of the Murray-Darling Basin’s native fish are considered rare, threatened and of conservation concern. The decline of these native fish can be attributed to a number of influences including river regulation, land clearing, changes in land use and introduced species.

While stocking fish can assist fish populations by providing a ‘boost’ to numbers in areas where natural recruitment is not sufficient, more needs to be done in relation to flow and habitat restoration too.

The Australian River Restoration Centre and the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s project, Finterest has developed Finbox a demonstration reach toolkit. finbox

This information package can assist community groups, environmental managers and authorities with the design, implementation and monitoring of “demonstration reaches”, places where interventions take place to improve river management and restore aquatic and riparian habitat.

If you are interested in finding out more you can visit the webpage or download the Finbox tool kit here


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