These are just a few of the projects to enhance opportunities and create better recreational fishing experiences interstate. Projects cost vary considerably and some of these projects are funded by large grants from recreational fishing funds.

To find out more about the projects below, simply click on the images…

New Artificial Habitat for Shoalhaven in NSWA New Artificial Reef for Shoalhaven NSW

Mulloway WAMulloway Being Stocked into the Swan River, Perth – Western Australia Click to Watch

Victorian Murray CodJust over the border 65,000 Murray Cod for Stocking in Victoria

New PlatformNew Fishing Platforms to access top fishing spots are a regular development in NSW

Fishing for People with disabilitiesNSW “Fishing Therapy” fishing for people with disabilities

Reachable Reefballs

NSW Artificial “Reef Balls” create fish holding habitat within casting distance from shore. Click to watch the video

25 Module Reef for Victoria$1.09M RLF Money in this 25 Module New Reef Network for Victoria

FAD WAFloating and Submerged Fish Attracting Devices (FADs) are popular in WA and NSW(where they have 29) to attract pelagic fish

Bream ResearchResearch in NSW to better understand important Recreational Fishing Species

troutStocking Trout into Dams and Reservoirs (SA now has 5 Reservoirs to be opened to fishing)

snagsAdding Snags/Habitat to Estuaries

snapperRecreational Fishers and Fisheries Departments conducting joint research projects

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To get the facts about where RecFish SA stands on the future resourcing of recreational fishing in SA you can Get the Facts Here


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