Fish Now, Fish Forever

A pre election manifesto developed by the board of RecFish SA to highlight key priorities for the recreational fishing sector.

A Vision for Recreational Fishing in SA

South Australia is a place that people are proud to call home,
with world class fisheries and diverse angling opportunities.

RecFish SA is the peak community recreational fishing organisation in SA and since 1975 we have worked tirelessly to achieve better fishing for SA’s 277,000 recreational fishers. And while the voice of fishers hasn’t always been heard, this will not stop us from trying to engage with government to do what is best for our wonderful sector. In early 2022, we will have another state election and RecFish SA will again be working to ensure recreational fishers are given the acknowledgement and consideration they deserve. Fish Now, Fish Forever, contains a number of intiatives and actions to improve the fishing experience for all South Australians and everyone who visits our state to explore our wonderful environments. Fish Now, Fish Forever, fearlessly proposes a suite of innovative measures that will require hard decisions to be made. We understand that there are political and financial challenges in adopting our package but we believe that the results will put SA on the map as one of the worlds best fishing locations.

Fish Now, Fish Forever Full Manifesto

To view the full Fish Now, Fish Forever pre election manifesto, click here – Election Manifesto_Full

To view the responses to Fish Now, Fish Forever from the major political parties, click here – Final Political Responses_Fish Now Fish Forever

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