RecFish SA have been asked to provide feedback on a proposal to decrease the Snook size limit from 45 cm to 41 cm, based on research regarding size of first maturity (first chance to breed).

The feedback received so far from fishing clubs, angling groups, Recreational Fisheries Committees and RecFish SA members, has been that many recreational fishers are happy with the current size limit of 45cm.

One of the most common reasons given, is that maintaining the size limit at 45cm ensures the maintenance of a higher quality fishery, where anglers are more likely to encounter bigger fish, more consistently. Recreational angler satisfaction can be linked to size of individual fish caught and the quality of fishing experiences, rather than total weight of catch,  so it is possible that recreational and commercial perspectives on this issue may differ.

Another common concern is about the exploitation of fish at first breeding size, whereas the current arrangement provides something of a “buffer”.

Other comments have centered on the more appropriate eating size of fish above the 45cm size limit.

RecFish SA invites interested fishers to have their say on this issue by emailing with the subject heading “Snook Size Limit”

The information received will be included in the feedback which RecFish SA provides to PIRSA on this issue.

Below is some history on the Snook size limit for your consideration.

Snook Info - PIRSA Fisheries


In 2001, based upon the best available information at the time, the minimum legal length for Snook was increased from 36 cm to the current size limit of 45 cm.

After this, the Marine Scalefish Fisheries Management Committee (FMC) sought SARDI advice and research into the most appropriate size limit.

A report to the FMC was delivered in 2003 (O’Sullivan and Jones 2003) which showed that size of first maturity was 41 cm. In 2004, the FMC recommended the size limit be reduced to 41 cm, based on the SARDI research.

The issue has been raised by the Marine Fishers Association and was considered in 2012 as part of the size, bag and boat limit review, which recommended similar changes in the draft recommendations, but this was not implemented.

Provide your feedback to with the subject “Snook Size Limit”




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