SA Golden Perch

Recreational fishers are excited about the potential for improved fishing opportunities following the first stocking of Murray Cod into the SA section of the Murray River (as well as improved flow regimes to  support natural recruitment). Many may not have realised however, the potential future flow-on benefits from increasing native predatory fish numbers.

Visiting the Riverland to present his thesis on how native fish can be catalysts for good water quality to the Renmark Paringa Area council, RecFish SA Board Director Dr. Michael Sierp was interviewed by ABC Radio to find out more about the link between native fish and improved water quality.

In the interview, Dr. Seirp discusses his research on how  increasing numbers of native fish (and reducing numbers of introduced fish) can result in better water quality and even contribute  to a reduction in the prevalence of blue-green algae outbreaks. This natural approach to water management also has the potential to reduce the costs associated with current, less efficient, management techniques. Of course the other added benefits include clearer waters, better recreational fishing & the enhanced tourism opportunities  that brings for local towns.

The ABC’s Stacey Katter also asks Dr. Sierp about carp and specifically,  his outlook on the potential of the carp-herpes virus to control this invasive pest in the future.

You can listen to a podcast of the interview below:


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