At RecFish SA we know that recreational fishing is not only a valuable activity for those who participate, but that it also delivers significant social and economic benefits to the wider community. This is why we were pleased to have the opportunity earlier in the year, to make a detailed submission to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into the fishing industry.

valueIn our submission we cover a range of important issues, none more so than the need for data to be collected on the economic and social value of recreational fishing. We highlight this issue as a top priority for future research for our sector and explain that it is essential to be collecting this data regularly, using a standard methodology. The collection of such information is critical if we wish to be able to measure the success of management decisions and in order to compare results over time/ across state borders.

To read the submission for yourself, download the RecFish SA Submission to the Productivity Commission here.

RecFish SA have been working on this important issue at the national level and through our federal Peak Body the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation. It has been our aim to establish ongoing social and economic surveying as a top national priority. This is a view shared by many South Australian fishers, as well as by our fellow peak recreational fishing groups from around Australia.

RecFish SA regularly meets with our state and national counterparts to develop federal level priorities. Only last month, we were updated by the Federal Government on progress being made on economic survey design. A National Recreational Fishing Economic Survey is listed as a top funding priority in the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation’s 2016 Federal Election Platform. Download it below for more details:

ARFF Election Platform





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